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October 5-6, 2017. Jakarta, Indonesia



Indonesia has a great marine tourism potential. But the contribution of marine tourism is only about 10 percent of total foreign exchange earnings in the tourism sector that is amounting to US $ 12.6 billion or around Rp 167 trillion in 2016.  In 2017, the Ministry of Tourism projected revenue from marine tourism amounting to US $ 4 billion or approximately Rp 53 trillion. Malaysia's long coastal state is smaller than Indonesia able to reap up to 40 percent of its tourism revenues from marine tourism with a contribution that reaches US $ 8 billion or 8 times Indonesia. For that it needs to do various efforts to accelerate the marine tourism sector as a leading sector in raked in foreign exchange. Sail Sabang is proclaimed by the government to increase famor of maritime tourism in Sabang and all marine tourism area in Indonesia, it become the right momentum to raise the power and all marine tourism potential of Indonesia in the event of national and international marine tourism promotion activities. One of the activities to support the promotion of Indonesian marine tourism through Sail Sabang activities is the organizing of national and international seminars on maritime tourism with its supporting fields. This activity is strategic enough to mobilize various support both at national and international level about marine tourism development program of Indonesia as well as introduce all potential and marine tourism destination of Indonesia.

To support the Sabang Sail program and the development of maritime tourism of Indonesia organized in the framework of the implementation of IPTEK Jamboree activities of the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs in cooperation with BPPT, in parallel will be held National Seminar on Science Technology for Sabang Marine Tourism Development and The 4th International Workshop on Sato Umi that is planned to be held on October 5-6, 2017 at BPPT II Building Lt. 3 JL. MH. Thamrin Jakarta. Sato Umi is a concept of sustainable management of fishery and ocean resources where human intervention in fishery resource management in coastal and marine areas can improve productivity and diversity of fishery resource types. On a wider scale, the basic concept of Sato Umi can be applied to maintain the balance of natural resources as a source of food and income of the coastal community by maintaining the stability of its ecosystem. By applying Sato Umi concept, it is expected that fishery resources and their special environment in coastal areas can run sustainably, more productively and richly diversity of resources in a balanced and harmonious way in accordance with marine tourism development program, fishery and marine sector development to improve people's welfare. 

The results of this seminar and workshop are expected to give input to the Government and inspire and give new spirit to the stakeholders in developing marine tourism program both in Sabang and other marine tourism area in Indonesia. In the future, the government together with the community must be able to manage and utilize all marine tourism potentials and fishery, coastal and marine resources in an optimal, harmonious, productive and sustainable way to ensure marine tourism sustainability, development of minawisata and ecotourism, Fisheries for the glory of the nation and the State. In the next 5 years, Indonesia is developing Techno Park with several development activities in several coastal areas where there are fishery cultivation activities, ecotourism including marine tourism and other fishery activities. The development of Techno Park is directed to become the New Economic Growth Center in Indonesia to improve the welfare of society, nation and state. Hopefully, Sato Umi concept which has the same spirit with Techno Park can be applied to support the implementation of Techno Park program in Indonesia. Techno Park Area on the base of fisheries can be used also as marine tourism area.


The purpose of this seminar and workshop is to socialize Sabang Sail Program and Maritime Tourism Development of Indonesia, and disseminate Sato Umi concept to support Sustainable Fishery Development Program in Indonesia. The results of this activity are expected to provide a recommendation to the Government, employers, communities and other stakeholders in utilizing all potential marine tourism resources both in Sabang and other regions in Indonesia optimally. Implementation of the concept of Sato Umi is expected to optimize the utilization of marginal and idle farms and fishery resources in Coastal Areas and Techno Park Indonesia Area in order to improve the welfare of local and regional, national and local economic income.